Stress-free Computer Support and

IT Services for businesses.

Estella understands the IT needs of the vibrant businesses today and delivers solutions that exceed their expectations. Our experience in providing IT engineering services for over 15 years and the professional approach has earned a permanent place in our clients ranging from the cooperate, Government institutions, Non Government Organizations, SMI establishments and home environments. Estella is a one stop place for all your IT products and engineering services. Our unique customized services have retained over 80% of our clients.

In today’s fast paced world, technology is a driving force keeping businesses and homes functioning well. You can’t afford to be disconnected. Estella recognizes that individuals and companies depend on fast, reliable computer services and we’ve built our reputation on providing just that!

Estella’s highly trained staff provides professional, high-quality Computer Support, Computer Repair, Network Services and IT Consulting at affordable rates in the comfort and convenience of your business or residential location.

To find out more about our services call 438 1 438 to request a FREE technology assessment of your IT infrastructure at your location.

Estella is your partner in both reliable Computer Support, and would ensure the long-term success of your business. With Network Services that better matches your business you’ll never have to worry about technology again. You will enjoy the benefits of our advanced IT Services & Consulting. Our experienced professionals are your partners in IT Services & Consulting, so your business can simplify its everyday processes and increase efficiency like many others in Sri Lanka. With Estella as your teammate in IT services and support, you can:

  • Increase productivity – less downtime means less computer support and more work time
  • Concentrate on your business goals – while we take care of your IT services and technology
  • Get more for your money – with technology that pays for itself
  • Protect everything you’ve worked for – our IT services make sure your data and network are secure
  • Relax – never worry about technology support again

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