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PeopleLink is one of the best ISO 9001:2008 certified Video Conferencing Software, Solutions and Service Provider, offering high definition HD Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions. PeopleLink is a pioneer in high definition multi-party video conferencing across a number of platforms including board room, desktop, Laptop, android devices and ipads. PeopleLink offers a Powerful solutions for your conference needs like data collaboration, web conferencing, video Conferencing. PeopleLink breaks the shackles of fixed location high Bandwidth video conference solution and gives you the freedom of Having HD quality videoconference on the go.


PVCS Pro HD is an ideal HD ready video conferencing solution for Business Conference room and desktop video conferencing alike. Fully Software based MCU with capability to connect to traditional Hardware Video Conference devices with the inbuilt H.323 Gateway. PVCS Pro HD supports Multipoint to Multipoint Video Conference Technology and each location or client can view up to 48 Videos in continuous presence mode. It also has Full-fledged Video Recording inbuilt and Advanced Data collaborations features like Application sharing, Desktop Sharing, CO-Browsing, Document sharing, Digital Whiteboard, Multipoint and private chat, Conference Grouping , Polling, Referendum and Video Rotation features. It has inbuilt SIP Gateway and allows Android based Phones , Tabs and iPhone/ iPad users to connect into video conference. It uses State of Art H.264 VBR/CBR CODEC to offer better video quality even at very low bandwidth and poor network conditions.

PVCS Insta VC:

Insta VC is a cloud based Client less architecture which enables video conference with a Click. InstaVC is designed to deliver a fully ubiquitous, business class video conferencing experience which allows employees, partners and colleagues to conduct seamless and reliable videoconferencing to and from desktops and out to conference room environments regardless of location. It breaks all barriers of Video Conferencing by allowing an Instant Multi location Video Conference Possible with Data Collaboration without any Constraints of Operating System or Browser. It works on all browsers Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and works on Windows, Mac and Linux Ubuntu 12.1 Operating Systems thus allowing a True Cross Platform Multi location Video Conference.